Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peek-A-Boo...Fendi 2013 Spring Collection/2014 Resort Collection

Fendi black plaid color 2013 Peek A Boo Spring Collection
Fast forward to the beach style Fendi plaid Peek A Boo package bag. This bag is sure to please; nothing says, "I can carry this bag on a beach or to the office" more like this peek a boo bag. Its flap over front is an eye catcher; I can see why it is called Peek A Boo. You just want to peek...Boo! You can find this look in leather and other variety of colors in their new Resort 2014 Collection that is coming out in the fall. Both bags are fun for the young and mature adults. Would you rock this bag?
Fendi Resort 2014 Collection


  1. For me I would rock this to work. Show it off at business meetings. And it's a very practical size too.

    1. I agree. This look is very versatile, I could rock this look many ways. Very stylish. Thanks for your comment.