Saturday, October 11, 2014

5 Ways To Wear a Cropped Top in Winter

For those of you who are not ready to store away your cropped top since winter is around the corner. You don't have too; find a way to transition your summer style to winter. You might have to add of couple of layers, but hey that's what style is for. Layering your cropped top with a sweater with a high-waist skirt or pants can add elegance while setting a trend. You will be amazed on how many heads you turn with this look. Below are a few looks that motivate me on how I can incorporate my cropped top and still look modern and chic.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

These Clutch's Are Made for Walking....

I did this post on my Instagram (@laqistyling) the other day on Clutch's. I thought I would share on my blog since I receive so much love on that post. I love a trendy fashionable clutch, its an effortless look. I would rather carry that than a purse...Well I take that back; any bag is a good bag :). Below are a few pics of the amazing clutches I love in style, color and pattern.

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Instagram: @laqistyling

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hitting The Streets at New York Fashion Week 2014 (Street Style)

Did you Miss Me!! :-) Usually I will post about NYFW designers, but this time I wanted to switch it up and post about the people that set their trends in the streets upon arriving to NYFW. Often times we tend to miss those who are just as fashionable as those models hitting the runway. What I love about New York is the people aren't afraid to express themselves through fashion, everyone has their own unique style and it's acceptable because it's just that...”An Expression". We all should embrace that and enjoy life. I have posted a few of my favorite street style trends past and present from New York Fashion Week 2014. Style is what you make, it's all about your attitude and what makes you feel good. Set the stage. Lights! Camera! Action! Enjoy :-)


 Photos c/o Le 21eme and Vogue

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sparkling Shorts & White Shirts

Dress your summer up with a little sparkle & A simple white blouse!!!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

STUDIO GEAR Hydrating CC Cream...TRY IT!!

Hey Ladies!! I'm bringing you another product to try called Studio Gear. Studio Gear has a full make-up line full of blushes, color products for eye, lips and cheeks. The product I'm trying is their Hydrating CC Cream and I have to say it is A-MA-ZING. It comes in different types depending on your complexion. Since I'm brown skin I've chose Wheat. They also have Linen and Natural, whatever your skin type. You can wear it bear without make-up or under your make-up. I like it without since I don't wear make-up often, but if you do wear make-up it will be great as well because it will help keep your face moisturize. Here is the product and link below.
c/o BrandBacker

Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Bold Trends 2014

Express yourself this summer with being Bold.Style.Trendy. I love prints and being bold with different color choices. Plain is for lames, let your style shine by bringing out your personality. Check out the hot trendy tends below. Give your thoughts by commenting on what looks you like the best. How you feel about prints and being bold? What's your style?

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